januari 12, 2008


All liquor stores in Sweden are state run; no bodega on the corner where you can grap a six pack, no wine at the grocery store. The stores have the same basic selection and the same limited hours, which means that after 2pm on Saturday, you're out of luck until Monday. The drinking age is 18.

Most of the stores have been remodelled over the last years and look more or less somewhat like you'd expect, with a strange warehouse twist. The older ones, which have not been remodelled are not self-service. The inventory is on display. You take a number and get called up to the corner to order your booze. You buy everything by the single bottle or can.

So lets review: The government sets the tax level on the country's most popular drug (at quite a high level), then has a monopoly on the sale of it. Sounds fair to me.


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Posted by leo at januari 12, 2008 11:50 FM

It's a government-run vending machine. And I thought Utah's laws were strict!...but they still might win since technically one can't even carry anything across the border into the state. Unless it's the same way there?

Posted by: Sarah at januari 25, 2008 02:23 EM

You are allowed to bring in alcohol with you from other countries, up to a certain amount. It is not uncommon for Swedes to occastionally drive all the way to Germany with a trailer just to stock up.

Posted by: Ali at januari 26, 2008 02:10 EM