juli 31, 2007

Moving Day!

We finally leave for Sweden today. I'll miss the weekend Brooklyn brunches the most:



I will miss the NY metro-area traffic the least:

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juli 30, 2007


Well, I was hoping to visit Colorado one last time before moving to Sweden, but time was just too tight. So here is a picture from the last time we were there on our honeymoon just over a year ago. Sorry we didn't make it, Erin!


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juli 27, 2007

Goodbye madison

We had a lovely vacation in our favorite little midwestern city. Now it's time to say goodbye to Madison for awhile. We'll miss the curds, the lake, the sushi, the ice-cream, the boat, the cove, the view, the brats, the liberals...


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juli 24, 2007

Lickin' and sippin'

Pretty cute, 'eh? And nice legs, Casey.

Picture 002.jpg

Picture 013.jpg

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juli 23, 2007

That looks tiring

This weekend was also the Paddle and Portage, a two-lake canoe race with a one mile run (carrying the boats) in between. We took this photo from the top of the capitol.


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juli 22, 2007


It's always nice to have friends cook for you, but when Rolando came out with these guacamole burgers, it was fantastic.


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juli 21, 2007


I sure picked the right weekend to go back to WI. Last night there were fireworks to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Monona Terrace. We had a pretty good view from the pier.


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juli 20, 2007


One is Madison WI, one is Gothenburg Sweden. I won't say which is which.


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juli 19, 2007

What's the delay?

So we're at LaGuardia, waiting to go to Wisconsin, but the flight is a little delayed. Maybe it's because there are men digging a hole in front of our gate?

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juli 17, 2007

And not an inch to spare


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juli 16, 2007

No more garage parties

Today everything, except for Leo, was packed up:

They sent THAT truck for THOSE bicycles?

Due to the less than spacious accomodations of our place, the packers had to do a lot of their work outside. Good thing it didn't rain, and hopefully it won't tomorrow either when they load up everything to take away.

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juli 13, 2007

Live goods are not allowed

We're not really supposed to pack anything ourselves, but we still have to sort out our stuff, so it is hard not to do some packing.


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juli 12, 2007

Its official!

I JUST picked up our visas, so now everything is set. We'll be off to Sweden by the end of the month. Hurra!

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juli 09, 2007

Swedish expressions (svenska uttryck)

I figure besides learning the language, I should really learn the lingo. Here's a start:

Här ligger en hund begraven!
Literally translated: Here lies a dog buried.
Our equivalent expression: Somethin's fishy!

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juli 08, 2007

Getting ready

The movers come in one week, so we've been trying to sort out our stuff. This is what the living room and garage look like today. Ugh.



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juli 06, 2007


This is the window in our bathroom. Notice there is no screen. Actually, none of the windows in any of the places we looked at had screens, so I'm hoping that means it won't be very buggy.


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juli 05, 2007


I must admit I'm a little concerned about the long, dreary, dark Swedish winters, but I think getting cozy around our nice fireplace will help take the edge off.


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juli 04, 2007

What a treat!

In our current apartment, we only have one of those half-sized dorm refrigerators, so I am really looking forward to having a full-sized one in our new kitchen!


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juli 03, 2007

How can this be?!

At first we figured we'd buy some new furniture at IKEA when we got to Sweden, until we found out the couch we wanted is much cheaper here: 10 495,00 kr is about $1,500.


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