januari 30, 2008

Vad är det?

What is this thing?

Answer to last week: Okay, it was a hand warmer thing. You people are hard to stump.

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januari 27, 2008

På Två Hjul

The bi-annual motorcycle show was in Gothenburg this weekend. It's nice to be able to walk there, instead of doing the usual battle with traffic & parking when it's at the Javits Center.


*Click here for more pictures*

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januari 26, 2008

Sälen Skidåkning

I went skiing with some Volvo folk last weekend; about a 7 hour drive from Göteborg.


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januari 24, 2008

Dancing flames in our living room


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januari 23, 2008

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Yeah, yeah, that was an orange peeler. Too easy! Frida, it is owned by the Johansson's, so you can find out from them where they got that particular style from.

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januari 22, 2008


That's the moon, not the sun, on a crisp & clear day, 4:30pm.


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januari 21, 2008

Mer hagel!

We just had another hail storm. It was just as heavy as last time (and set off a car alarm again), but only lasted about 30 seconds this time. A bunch came down the chimney and bounced onto the floor. They melted before I could get a picture, but you can still see the drops of water where they landed:

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januari 17, 2008

Skansen Lejonet

From the archives (since we haven't done anything interesting this week). A New Years Day walk to the Skansen Lejonet, one of Gothenburg's old defense points along the river from the 1600s.
skanska kronan.JPG

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januari 16, 2008

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: I can't believe The Other Allison actually got it! That was a cactus we saw at the local botanical garden. See the tall fuzzy one on the right:

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januari 12, 2008


All liquor stores in Sweden are state run; no bodega on the corner where you can grap a six pack, no wine at the grocery store. The stores have the same basic selection and the same limited hours, which means that after 2pm on Saturday, you're out of luck until Monday. The drinking age is 18.

Most of the stores have been remodelled over the last years and look more or less somewhat like you'd expect, with a strange warehouse twist. The older ones, which have not been remodelled are not self-service. The inventory is on display. You take a number and get called up to the corner to order your booze. You buy everything by the single bottle or can.

So lets review: The government sets the tax level on the country's most popular drug (at quite a high level), then has a monopoly on the sale of it. Sounds fair to me.


systembolaget (1).JPG

systembolaget (2).JPG

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januari 11, 2008

Special Delivery

Leo's motorcycle finally made it to Sweden. We went to pick it up from the port yesterday.

delivery (1).JPG

It was rainy and cold, so I resorted to taking pictures of its arrival home from the balcony.
delivery (3).JPG

Not a scratch on it, and after 5 months of being in that box, it started right up!
delivery (2).JPG

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januari 09, 2008

Hagel! (hail)

We had quite the hail storm last night. It only lasted maybe 15 minutes, but it came down so heavily a few car alarms were set off. There was one explosion of lightning and one tremendous crack of thunder, and then it was over.
hagel (1).JPG

All the white stuff is the hail--all the snow we had a few days ago was washed away by rain the next day.
hagel (2).JPG

This is what our balcony looked like.

Packy hail...hmm...I wonder if I could make a hail fort?
hagel (3).JPG

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Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Okay, apparently frisbee golf is not as obscure a sport as I thought it was! We haven't tried to play it yet, but the course is very close to home so we probably will at some point. Thanks to Casey and Katrina for adding some very good, and creative, guesses!

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januari 07, 2008

What came first, the chicken or the diabetic?

There's some weird candy here. These are labelled as 'stekta ägg' (fried eggs). I don't really know why, but it is somehow stranger than candy fish, worms, bears, etc...


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januari 06, 2008

Äntligen riktig snö!

Finally, real snow!

*Click here for more pictures*

harryda (7)a.JPG

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januari 05, 2008


We went skiing today. Leo had to try out his new snow blades. It was fun even though I can't say the conditions were all that great (80% icy man-made snow, only one slope open, and lots of teenagers), but that is pretty much what we expected for a place less than 2 hours drive east of Göteborg. And we only managed to fall off the T-bar lift once!

*Click here for more pictures*

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januari 04, 2008

Weird wildlife

There are some strange creatures roaming around Göteborg these days.

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januari 03, 2008

Of all the flavors

I know scandinavians love their salty licorice candy, but shouldn't gum be a refreshing flavor? I wonder if this could ever catch on in the States...

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januari 02, 2008

Vad är det?

What do you think this is?

Answer to last week: Okay, that was too easy since everybody knew it. Yes, that was a thing you put on the bottom of your shoe to help get traction when walking on slippery surfaces, very much like winter tires for your feet.

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januari 01, 2008

Gott nytt år!

Armed with a thermos of hot chocolate, we watched the professional fireworks (at 5pm) from the Götaälvbron (a bridge over the river).



I'm glad we walked there and avoided the traffic chaos after the show.

Ameteur fireworks are legal and encouraged here, and the ones you can buy at any of the home improvement / hardware stores are serious stuff. The whole neighborhood was a constant explosion from about 10pm-1am in a fashion that made the 4th of July look like a funeral. The last of the loud music (and louder Swedes) vanished at about 6am. This picture is from our livingroom window.

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