december 31, 2008


We wanted to go dogsledding, but there isn't enough snow yet, so we went for a hike with the dogs instead. The Husky Farm is just outside of Sunnemo in Värmland.
husky.jpg pine.jpg leoview.jpg


camhusky.jpg leohusky.jpg jackhusky.jpg

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december 30, 2008

Längdåkning i Säfsen

Cross country skiing in Säfsen, about 4 hours north of Gothenburg.

camski.jpg jackski.jpg leo.jpg

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december 29, 2008

Spunnet Socker

The Roger kids get cotton candy (spun suger in Swedish) at Liseberg.

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There must be another cheesehead in Gothenburg


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december 28, 2008

Här bor vi

Finding our house in the huge aerial photo at stadsbyggnadskontoret (the city building office) on Köpmansgatan.

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december 27, 2008


WiiLeo.jpg WiiAli.jpg

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december 26, 2008

Juldagen i skogen

A long walk in the woods (well, long for a six year old) to Bertillsons Stuga at the eastern tip of Lilla Delsjön.
xmas08 (1).jpg


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december 25, 2008

Ice Bar

Drinks taste pretty good when served in a glass made out of ice, sitting on a chair made out of ice, leaning on a bar made out of ice while looking at the walls made out of ice. But -10 degrees celsius is pretty darn cold.
iceglasses.jpg icebar.jpg

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december 24, 2008

The amazing rock-eating tree!

Jackson and Camille climbing around in the park.

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december 23, 2008


Josh, Ali & Shelby warming themselves by the open fire in Bältespännarparken on the Avenue while Camille & Jackson are ice skating.


bsp1 (1).JPG

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december 22, 2008

Sovande barn

Camille & Jackson slept 11 hours straight their first night here.

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The gingerbread men are prepared and resting calmly in the fridge for decoration later this week.

gbm08 (1).JPG


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december 21, 2008


We don't have the snow that the midwest and east coast are enjoying/suffering. When chopping down our own Christmas tree this year we had to navigate forest roads-turned-rivers and pouring rain. Tim was ready, though.
treehunting.jpg reflex.jpg

We found some nice trees, and managed to collect them safely, even though it looks like Leo's left leg is chopped off below the knee and Claes has no head.
chopping.jpg missingleg.jpg

Merry Christmas!

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december 19, 2008

Vad är det för ord?

Where would you go to put yourself back together after getting discombobulated while going through airport security? The Milwaukee airport has the perfect place.


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december 16, 2008


Best hot dog cooker smoker griller thingy ever. Just outside of Kronhuset.

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december 14, 2008

Säkra vintertecken

Sure signs of winter:

The old men rock out on Fredsgatan
win08 (1).jpg

and camping out by the fireplace.

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december 12, 2008

Inget gott öl

Not a good beer, but a funny bottle anyway.

elkbrew (1).jpg elkbrew.jpg

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december 11, 2008


Kiwis resting in a hand-turned bowl by Tom Smith from his little workshop by Lake Monona.

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december 10, 2008

Konstiga godis

A vending machine in the Amsterdam airport featuring three attractive choices:
Total Loss, Wine Gums & Drop Mix.

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december 09, 2008

Märkligt väder

What does that really mean? Is the weather so bad that they're not allowed to show it? Well, it kinda is actually.


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december 07, 2008

På pricken

Yes, our suitcase weighed exactly fifty point zero pounds.


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And once again, our last activity in New York was brunch in Brooklyn. A big thanks to our very accomodating hosts.

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december 06, 2008

Vi har hittat honom

It turns out Joe The Plumber has renamed himself Joe D Plumber and runs a successful business in the borough of Brooklyn. I guess that makes him one of the East Coast Elite and no longer part of The Real America.

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december 05, 2008

Min systers son

Hanging out with Jeremiah Josef at Jon & Helene's place on Virginia Ave. in the Bronx.



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december 04, 2008


We finally got to meet Stan the camel. He was as every bit as studly as we imagined. Thanks for a nice evening in Hoboken, J&F.

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På landet i New Jersey

We visited Lucas & Danielle out in Wantage NJ. Thanks for a good time guys! Lucas: Stop being such a bridezilla.


Lucas does his sexy pose.

A new stove that looks old.

The keys to the old cabin.

On the Appalachian Trail, just a few steps from the house.

Ali does some fake cooking on a real old stove.


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december 01, 2008


The worlds best guacamole burgers in Hollis with Rolando & Roxy. Muy delicioso!




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