mars 31, 2009

Varnhems kloster

church2.jpg church1.jpg


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mars 30, 2009


On Saturday we visited Hornborgasjön to do some birdwatching. This time of year, thousands (10,600 the day of our visit) of cranes stop there on the way from their winter quarters in Spain to their breeding grounds further north. The birds were a fair distance from the viewing areas, so I took most of my photos with my old, non-digital SLR and telephoto lens; but we did manage to get this shot by holding up the point-and-shoot digital camera to my binoculars:

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mars 29, 2009

Omgiven av gamla mopeder

varnhem (11).JPG

More info here

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mars 25, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: That was a pedal on this old bicycle:

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mars 24, 2009

What the?!

This morning we woke up to bright, glorious sun...and snow coming down from a big dark cloud overhead.
Thankfully the cloud moved on pretty quickly, leaving behind completely blue and clear skies.

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mars 23, 2009

Creatures in the woods


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mars 22, 2009

Ute och cyklar


More pictures here

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mars 21, 2009


We took a short ferry ride out to the island of Hönö in Gothenburg's Northern Archipelago.

hono (15).jpg

More pictures here.

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mars 20, 2009


Our beloved coffee maker died. We tried to perform an autopsy, but they make those suckers really hard to take apart!

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mars 19, 2009

Det är aldrig för sent att ge upp.


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mars 18, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Yes, yes...celery.

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mars 17, 2009

Spårvagn 3


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mars 16, 2009

Enjoying the view

tomview.jpg tomview2.jpg

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mars 15, 2009

Dagens promenad

Tom O. is here visiting us and we had some sunshine today, so a 20km walk was the result including Lunden, Overåsparken, Göteplatsen, Haga, Linnégatan, Slottsskogen, Botaniska Trädgården, Guldheden, Chalmers, etc...

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mars 13, 2009

Winter is not quite over yet...

snowy3.jpg snowy2.jpg snowy1.jpg

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mars 11, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: That was beer, from below.

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mars 09, 2009

Naturhistoriska Museet

This weekend we took a long, wet walk in the rain/snow to the Natural History Museum to see the big blue whale. They used to regularly open its mouth so visitors could go inside. Now that is only allowed on special occasions.
treetunnel.jpg bluewhale.jpg

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mars 08, 2009

Och tacos är tacos


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mars 07, 2009

Nachos på svenska är nachos


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mars 04, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: That is a shiatsu back massager cushion. The balls that knead your back are glowing in the picture because they not only knead, they heat up as well! Ahhhhh...

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mars 02, 2009

Himmel och pannkaka!


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mars 01, 2009

Cafè Kringlan


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