april 30, 2009

So sad

We've been getting our Daily Show fix by watching episodes on the internet for almost two years now. So imagine our dismay this week when we tried to watch and got this instead:

Apparently no one outside of the US is allowed to watch. So frustrating!

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april 29, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Jon was right, that was a high-speed air hand dryer. You stick your wet hands through the top and the air blows the water off.

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april 28, 2009

Tree terrorist

I had heard the rumors that somebody has been going around slicing a single, deeply cut ring into the pine trees around here; a bunch have already had to be cut down because of it. The other day I saw one. Why would anyone do such a thing?!
poortree.jpg poortree2.jpg

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april 27, 2009

Swedish Safety

Bicycle helmet while in the stroller? No, that's not normal here. Note that it's on backwards too.

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april 26, 2009

Tim på tre hjul

A warm & sunny Saturday afternoon on Trollgårdsvägen

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april 22, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this thing?

Answer to last week: Okay, maybe that one was too easy.

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april 21, 2009



Gubbarna vid Påskelden i Slottsskskolonin

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april 18, 2009

Walkable Westchester

The book is finally out: a guide for places to hike in Westchester County, NY which just so happens to contain maps made by yours truly. You can find more information about the book here. It is available for purchase directly from the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference or Amazon.com.


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april 15, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Of course the Swede got it right. That was a Långfärdsskridsko, one of a pair of ice skates that you can easily take on and off (they attach to your boots) so you can skate across frozen bodies of water and hike between them on your trek across the wilderness.

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april 12, 2009

glad påsk

What better way to celebrate Easter than to burn up anything and everything that will catch fire. You've got to scare away the witches somehow.

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april 11, 2009

Winter is now officially over!

beard1.jpg beard2.jpg beard3.jpg beard4.jpg beard5.jpg beard6.jpg

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april 08, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: You guys were on the right track, but it is a melon slicer--sorry, Frida, it is way too big to help with an orange.

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april 06, 2009


Finally time to remove the snow tires.


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april 05, 2009

Kornhalls färja


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april 03, 2009

Go fly a kite

The nifty thing about this kite was they guy had a digital camera duct-taped to it. I would love to see what kind of photos he has gotten...
kite.jpg kite2.jpg

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april 02, 2009

Röda sten


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april 01, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: bottle opener:

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