juni 24, 2009

Vad är det?

The game is a little different this week. It is pretty obvious what this is, so I'm starting a contest instead. Guess the following:
1. birthdate (due date is Nov. 15)
2. gender
3. name (first and middle)
4. weight (in kilos!!)
5. length (in cm)
Anyone who gets them all correct will get some money to start your own psychic hotline. Good luck!
For those who need a little help deciphering the image, our little yoga master is on his/her noggin, spine curving around to the right, bum up with legs stretched out overhead. I think s/he definitely has mamma's feet!

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Answer to last week: That was a light at the end of the train tracks at Central Station.

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juni 23, 2009


Robbie is a natural...sort of.

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juni 20, 2009

Midsommar i Härryda


*Click here for more pictures*

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juni 18, 2009

Your tax dollars at work

How many duplicate letters can I get from the IRS in one day?! Sheesh.

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juni 17, 2009

Vad är det?


Yes, last week's was an egg-cup, Katrina wins.

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juni 16, 2009

Don't even think about it

You ain't gettin no chipwich.

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juni 15, 2009

The paddan

Erin and Robbie brought beautiful sunny weather with them, so we enjoyed a very nice boat tour.

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juni 14, 2009



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juni 13, 2009


A warm Saturday night in June on the Avenue


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juni 12, 2009

Fuzzy Balls in Härlanda


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juni 10, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this? By the way, it is two shots showing different sides of the same thing.

Answer to last week: Once again dad, you are right; and once again you are a CHEATER! You are banned from guessing this week! Here is a shot of entire biggest cigar in the world at the Cigar and Match Museum in the Skansen Park in Stockholm:

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juni 09, 2009


Um, anyone seen my boat? It was just here a minute ago...

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juni 07, 2009

Hangin' around

This weekend was the annual STCC City Race (Swedish Touring Car Championship) and this group had a unique way to watch the race. Seems like an expensive way to get out of buying tickets.


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juni 06, 2009

Mtb i Kortedala

This mornings mountain bike trail.

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juni 05, 2009

29 inch single speeding in Delsjöområdet

skats_june_09 (1).JPG

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juni 03, 2009

Vad är det?

What is this?

Answer to last week: Yes dad, that was a glassblowing mold, but you are disqualified because you were there! Cheater. Here's a shot of the inside:

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juni 02, 2009

Skansen, the open-air museum in Stockholm


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juni 01, 2009

Ice Cream Challenge

I must say, Swedes do a lot of things very well, but I've been disappointed with Swedish ice cream. The ice cream itself is fine, but they don't tend to have a lot of chunks, like chocolate chips, nuts, candy pieces etc..., which is the best part. In Stockholm, they happen to have a Ben & Jerry's store right across the street from a Swedish ice cream store and the difference was striking. Now I know other people agree with me!

Sia glass=no ice cream customers:

Ben & Jerry's=jam packed:

Leo and I had considered opening a hot dog stand as a plan B, but now I'm thinking a Ben & Jerry's franchise here in Gothenburg might just be the ticket.

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