juli 30, 2009

On the beach in Shelby


More pictures here

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juli 24, 2009

Can't get enough

I really haven't been getting cravings, but lately I just can't seem to eat enough of these things called weinerbröd: basically a croissant with vanilla pudding in the middle, drizzled with just a little bit of frosting. Sooooo tasty!

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juli 22, 2009


Cruising on the Wards Hawthorne to Amundsön on the 4th of July.

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juli 19, 2009

Jättesmå grodor

The paths in the woods are crawling with little teeny tiny frogs.

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juli 18, 2009

More berries = more baking


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juli 16, 2009


Our raspberry bushes are very prolific this year. Here's this evenings plunder. Too bad Ava isn't here to help us pluck them this time.

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juli 15, 2009

Daim thats good


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juli 14, 2009

Swap Zone

Part of a public art exhibit.

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juli 13, 2009


An organization called Ringlinien runs classic trams i Göteborg. Today was our first ride on one.

sv_july_09 (1).jpg


sv_july_09 (2).jpg

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juli 12, 2009

Bra fråga!


Tim finally believes us when we say Ali has a baby in her belly. Had had only one question: Hur får man ut bebisen? (How do you get the baby out?). We told him the truth, but he didn't believe it and instead had his own answer: Man använder dragkedjan (You use the zipper). Then he went back to kicking the soccer ball.


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juli 10, 2009

How to keep a baby quiet

Just plug 'em.

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juli 09, 2009

Day of baking

I had to do something with all those berries...

...and why not a make a kladdkaka while I'm at it.

Could this be why I've already gained almost 20 pounds?!

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juli 08, 2009

Wild blueberries

We went berry picking in the woods last night. The blueberries are just now getting ripe. A few of our backyard raspberries were also ready. Yum!

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juli 06, 2009

Till Amundsön



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juli 01, 2009


With so many days hovering around 80 degrees, what could be better than heading to the coast for some swimming and grilling? Or, in my case, dipping my toes in the cold water was plenty refreshing enough.

Note: "Vad är det?" is on a summer break. It'll be back in September.

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