augusti 31, 2009

More Särö Västerskog


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augusti 29, 2009

Särö Västerskog


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augusti 25, 2009

Vi bara lyssnar

No it's not a mad science experiment, just listening for a heartbeat.

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augusti 24, 2009

70 degrees, sunny & dry air


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augusti 20, 2009

Ladies, ladies, you wanna ride in my Mercedes?

With thighs like that, who could resist?

Things I heard said in Pittsburgh this week:

- Jerimiah, stop peeing in the bath tub!
- Uncle Leo watch this Uncle Leo watch this Uncle Leo watch this Uncle Leo watch this
- I'm really good at soccer cause I have a really good back hand.
- The car is crying cause it's raining.
- Uncle leo, be very careful not to twist you.
- I'm big so I can climb through the window.
- Books can't be sad cause they dont have mouths.
- If I plant this leaf will it become a rhubarb?
- Mom, tell my foot, not me.

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augusti 19, 2009

Cykling med min lilla bror i Pittsburgh

Jon took me for a nice bike tour around Pittsburgh today.

pitt_bike (1).jpg

pitt_bike (2).jpg

pitt_bike (3).jpg

Pete & Katie: If you haven't figured it out by now, we hijacked your vintage Schwinns.

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augusti 18, 2009

Luso experiences the backyard's first ripe tomato

luc_tom (3).jpg luc_tom.jpg

luc_tom (2).jpg luc_tom (1).jpg

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augusti 17, 2009

Microsoft free in Pittsburgh


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augusti 16, 2009

Country livin in Colesville


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augusti 15, 2009

Leaving Brooklyn

Following tradition, we ended the NYC visit with a walk & brunch in Brooklyn.
bkln_aug_09 (2).jpg


bkln_aug_09 (1).jpg

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augusti 14, 2009

No sleep till

bbr (1).jpg


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Greek Village in Northvale

Don't get no better than this.

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augusti 12, 2009

Som ett sovande lejon

Victoria has got her favorite position.
victoria.jpg sleepy_lion.JPG

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augusti 11, 2009

Who's got the bigger bubble?

tire_bubble (2).jpg

This has got to be the world's biggest tire bubble. It's not a tuumah!
tire_bubble.jpg tire_bubble (1).jpg

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augusti 10, 2009

It's dinner time in Hollis, Queens.


ro_09 (1).jpg

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Stingrays in Brooklyn



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augusti 09, 2009

Watcha got in there Aunt Ali?

Jeremiah Josef goes exploring.



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I can not believe my eyes! A Swedish Republican? No way!
Or maybe the driver is the Republican and the passenger is the Swede?

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augusti 08, 2009

Cykling i Madison

A smokin' hot afternoon on Lake Monona .


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augusti 07, 2009

Don't mess with Wes

A happy baby Wesley on a warm evening in Madison.

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augusti 06, 2009


Ali's favorite--sweet potato tempura sushi rolls.
wsb (1).jpg


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augusti 05, 2009

Lockigt hår

This is what happens to Ali if she goes to bed with a wet head.

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augusti 04, 2009

Håkan Davidsson Museum, Milwaukee WI


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augusti 03, 2009

Double trouble in Sheboygan


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