november 30, 2009


We went for a check-up at the hospital, since 42 weeks have passed and this kid has refused to be evicted. Heart rate, movement, fluid amount etc... are all normal, but the cervix is shut like a bank vault. New appointment on Thursday...

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november 29, 2009

42 veckor


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november 28, 2009


This dialogue signals the official start of the Christmas Season.

My apologies to our non Swedish speaking friends.

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november 27, 2009


We started grocery shopping at 4:30pm and had a reasonably authentic American Thanksgiving dinner on the table next to a cozy fire by 7:00pm--not too shabby.

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november 26, 2009



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november 25, 2009

Field Goal

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november 23, 2009

If the baby wasn't late...

...we probably wouldn't have enjoyed this wonderful experience: Sunday afternoon it was pouring rain, but we decided to go for a walk in the woods anyways to try to help shake the baby out. So, we're in the forest, minding our own business, when all of a sudden this 50ish-year-old man wearing nothing but running shoes and a g-string comes out like 15 yards ahead from the path to our left and continues up a path to our right. We could barely contain ourselves enough to get out the camera to catch a photo. It isn't the greatest shot, but under the circumstances it was the best we could do. Naked man running in the rain. How hilariously random!

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november 22, 2009

A baby! But not our baby.

It's little Anton; Ole & Kerstin's boy.

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november 21, 2009

Lite sol iaf

We had a few short hours of clear skies yesterday afternoon and went for a walk. All the leaves are down now.

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november 20, 2009

Warm buttery bran muffins for breakfast


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november 19, 2009

I ain't comin' out.


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november 18, 2009

Stuff you can buy at Ikea


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november 16, 2009

Göteborg i november. Det kan inte bli bättre.


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november 15, 2009

Fully cooked?

After 40 weeks of growth:

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november 14, 2009

Could be worse... least my belly is not THAT big!

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november 13, 2009


Leo had to try out the baby quilt I just finished making. I think it is a little bit too small for him...

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november 09, 2009

The baby whisperer

Let's just hope he's as good at calming our own kid...

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november 08, 2009


vattle (nov).JPG

More pictures

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november 05, 2009


It may be getting cramped in there, but baby doesn't seem to care.

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november 04, 2009

Weekend getaway, day two

On Sunday we were the only ones to take the last ferry of the season out to Hallands Väderö. After getting dropped off we never saw anyone else while hiking around the whole island, which was a very bizarre feeling. Only a handful of people (who had been there all weekend) joined us on the very last ferry returning to the mainland.

Click here for more photos.

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november 03, 2009

One last weekend getaway

We went away for the weekend--one last trip before the endoparasite becomes an ectoparasite. We didn't want to go too far away (just in case!) so we drove a couple of hours south. On Saturday we hiked to Nimis, a crazy wooden structure built on the beach.

See more photos here.

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