december 30, 2009

No sleep till

Dreaming of his first Brooklyn brunch...

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december 29, 2009

Max & Mom


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december 28, 2009

Nay sayers

Say what you will about this being gas; we're calling it a smile.

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december 27, 2009

He doesn't know where he is going, but is very determined to get there.

Maximillian didn't really pay attention to the What to expect the first year book we're reading. He's supposed to be focused on eating, sleeping & pooping right now; not getting to the after Christmas sales right when the mall opens.

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december 26, 2009

I ain't done

When Maximillian gets a bit older, he can tell us what he was saying:

A- Dear Sir, Pardon me, but I wasn't quite finished with my entrè.
B- Stick that thing back in the hole before I snap your friggin neck.

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december 25, 2009

God Jul!

Merry Christmas from our little elf.


Och ett stort tack till Claus, Elisabeth, Tim & familjen för en underbar Julafton i Härryda.

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december 24, 2009

Julafton i Deljöområdet

julaftdel0 (12).JPG

More pictures

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Which is Max?

Every Halloween for the past, oh, 10 years or so, for some reason I could never really explain, I have been carving the same pumpkin face. Now I think maybe it was a premonition...

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december 22, 2009

Not chubby yet...

...but he's getting there. At 19 days old, he already weighs over a pound more than his birth weight, and 1.5 pounds more than his lowest recorded weight. This explains the non-stop feeding frenzy!

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december 21, 2009

First real snow of the season

We walked Max to his first check-up appointment at the BVC while it snowed. The temps have been well below freezing for a while, and, according the forecast, that will continue for some time to come, so it looks like we'll be enjoying a white Christmas this year.

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december 20, 2009

Our little tree frog


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Spread Eagle


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december 19, 2009

Max feeds himself lunch while listening to Saab's demise

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Max thinks long and hard before giving dad the finger

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My boys by firelight


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december 17, 2009

Maximillian makes sweet love to that sweet hand

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Big cone, little man

We dared take our first non-medical outing with Mr. Max. To IKEA of course. He was quite apathetic about the whole thing.

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december 16, 2009

Sorry Ava- Pope TuTu is out, Maximillian Wendell is in

We sent in our name application so that Max will officially be Max. Little cousin Ava will surely be dissapointed that he didn't become Pope TuTu which was her favorite. Once the application is done, we can start getting him his US Passport & SSN, his Swedish residency permit and hopefully Swedish citizenship.


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december 15, 2009

My darling clementine

We found a nice surprise in the bottom of the clementine crate. I doubt it's this specific clementine the song refers to.

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Ett par flingor

We got a light dusting the last couple of days, but rain today will take it away.

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december 14, 2009

Nice bundle


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december 13, 2009

Vad vi saknar mest om BB

What we miss most about the hospital is the Magic Red Button. Give it a little push and within minutes an educated, experienced, observant, kind & caring midwife shows up to give you a hand or answer your questions. The midwives we had contact with are in a league of their own; exceptional human beings that make this world a better place every day. They took care of us physically, psychologically & emotionally through the whole process. Truly World Class. A button like that a home would be nice.


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december 12, 2009

Vem är gravid nu då?

We ventured out of our cave for our first walk with Mr. Max. It went well; he likes being in the sling. Mamma is recovering slowly but surely and was able to keep a good pace.

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december 10, 2009


One of Maximillian's favorite places- on top of the washing maching. It must be running, and preferably on the spin cycle. The is a self-perpetuating phenomenom as the vibrations make him poop, which creates more laundry.

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december 09, 2009

Det första badet

Here's Max getting his very first bath on day 3 at the hospital. He thoroughly hated it.

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december 07, 2009

Max entertains himself with his own hiccups

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december 05, 2009

Maximillian Wendell Werberg

Born Wednesday December 2nd, 4:47pm Gothenburg Standard Time
3130 grams, 51 centimeters (6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches)

dec_2_3_09 (9).jpg
The view from the delivery room. A cold, clear, crisp day in Gothenburg.

dec_2_3_09 (1).jpg
Ali hits the laughing gas hard.

Max's very first picture…with a shocked mom. One minute old.

dec_2_3_09 (2).jpg
Dad cuts the cord, five minutes old. (The midwife still has a couple of fingers left.)

dec_2_3_09 (3).jpg
Maximillian gets plugged, 30 minutes old.

dec_2_3_09 (4).jpg
Mom & Dad get the special Födelsedagsbricka while a 2 hour old Max is bundled in warm towels.

dec_2_3_09 (5).jpg
One skinny, pissed-off boy.

dec_2_3_09 (6).jpg
The next afternoon; all wrapped up.

dec_2_3_09 (7).jpg
Relaxing with a tired pappa. He shares not only dad's good looks, but his keen affinity for the female breast.

dec_2_3_09 (8).jpg
Mom gets her reward for 22 hours of labor.

dec_3_4 (1).jpg
Maximillian passes his first doctor exam at 2 days old. He played it cool and just gave the doctor a little wink when she checked his big-man-parts instead of peeing on her.

Max's birth info on the little card on his bassinette.

Maximillian gives the "Give me boob" sign.

We checked in to the delivery ward 2am Wednesday, and we were back home 5pm Saturday. The care was nothing short of outstanding.

If you've still got your local newspaper from Wednesday, please save it. We'll collect them next time we see you (or send it to us, together with a pallet of diapers).

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december 02, 2009

A fitting start to December

Yesterday started below zero, but sunny as can be.

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december 01, 2009

Time to take matters into our own hands

Do it yourself vacuum extraction.

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