januari 28, 2010

He may be young, but...

It is never too early to learn there are consequences for your actions.
Maxcouch.jpg striped.jpg

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januari 27, 2010

Små fötter

How can a creature with feet this cute scream so loud?


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januari 26, 2010

I don't wanna hear it!

We wanted Max to know what it's like, so we switched roles and screamed for a while while he had the hearing protection.

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januari 25, 2010

Big man in the big bed

Very quick picture, he didn't like it at all.

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januari 24, 2010

Fortfarande riktig vinter

We're going on about the eigth week of consistent below freezing temperatures. It's been a fantastic winter. There are cross country skiers and ice skaters galore. Ali is tired of the cold, Leo doesn't want it to end.


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januari 23, 2010

A real swinger

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januari 22, 2010

Mammas bästa vän

Mom's best friend (the chair, not the baby).

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januari 21, 2010

What a winter

The most amazing snowflakes fell last night--kazillions of them everywhere. They were all so perfect they almost seemed fake. I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but it was dark and Max was fidgety.

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januari 20, 2010

Attack of the killer bee


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januari 19, 2010

Cost of living

We drove to the US Embassy in Stockholm today to prove to the government that Max exists, at a cost of 1200 SEK ($170). The line to get in starts outside--what is that about? But after 5 hours in the car each way (with Max asleep almost the whole way), our appointment lasted a smooth 15 minutes.


The whole trip was a smashing success, except for one part. How come Leo, Max and I can spend Tuesday through Saturday at the hospital with all of my meals and snacks and much of Leo's food included for a grand total of 340 SEK (about $34), but driving 43 kph in a 30 kph zone (that is only 8 miles per hour over) in front of a school in the heart of Stockholm with no kids in sight gets you a 2400 SEK (about $340) fine?! Ouch.

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januari 16, 2010

First fika

ff (1).jpg



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januari 14, 2010

Night Ride


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januari 13, 2010

Snuggle Bug


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januari 12, 2010

Self segregating birds?


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januari 11, 2010

Maximillian tells you what he really thinks

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januari 10, 2010

A rare moment

Max Man took a break from the eating, sleeping, pooping & screaming to remind us that he's not a demon. He now has a few minutes of awake/alert/happy time each day, usually after his mid-morning feeding. He's also become a calm baby on the changing table and has far fewer freak-outs per day.


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januari 08, 2010

Härlig Härlanda

Sometimes a ride in the stoller is the only thing that will get Max to calm down, even if it is 15 degrees below zero.


ht_jan_10 (1).jpg

ht_jan_10 (2).jpg

ht_jan_10 (4).jpg

ht_jan_10 (3).jpg

ht_jan_10 (5).jpg

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januari 07, 2010

V50 butt lift

After a few years on the market, she was getting a bit droopy in the rear.


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januari 06, 2010

The great escape

I temporarily escaped from my fatherly duties for a few hours in the snow. It hasn't gotten above freezing for a few weeks now and there is no sign of that changing in the 10 day forecast either. 27km @ -13C

slickrock_jan_10 (2).JPG

More Pictures

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januari 04, 2010

The many faces of Max


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januari 03, 2010

En månad gammal

Maximillian is a month old now and we still don't know if he is an angel or a demon.

ad (1).jpg ad.jpg

These pictures were taken within seconds of each other.

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januari 01, 2010

Nyårsafton i Vättlefjäll

3,5 hours at -15C. Underbart!

vattle_nyarsaft (17).JPG

More Pictures

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