februari 28, 2010

Sleep Wake

slleepp.jpg wake.jpg

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februari 27, 2010


Cousin Ava & Mr. Max after their first shots.
Our socialized healthcare doesn't pay for fancy pink bandaids, but if you look closely, Max has got a standard one on each thigh. Maximillian took it well and has been behaving just fine.

first_shot.jpg shot2.jpg

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februari 26, 2010


The boys hit the bottle after a long week.

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februari 25, 2010



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februari 24, 2010

På skötbordet

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februari 23, 2010

Och lite vinter till


snow_feb_10 (1).jpg


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februari 22, 2010

Sunday Snow Ride


sds_feb_10 (2).jpg

sds_feb_10 (1).jpg

sds_feb_10 (3).jpg

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februari 21, 2010

Vinter på riktigt

We went out for a long walk in the snow yesterday. The whole city was quiet. Max rides along quite content in the Baby Björn inside dad's jacket. Still no above freezing temperatures in the forecast.

gbg_feb_10 (3).jpg



gbg_feb_10 (1).jpg

gbg_feb_10 (2).jpg

gbg_feb_10-2 (1).jpg

gbg_feb_10-2 (2).jpg

gbg_feb_10-2 (3).jpg

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februari 20, 2010


Maximillian gets a kiss on a snowy day at the torp cafe.

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februari 19, 2010

Babies and viking and friends, oh my!


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februari 18, 2010

I exist


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februari 16, 2010

Wide Awake

Mr. Max usually naps in his swing, but not always.

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februari 15, 2010

Afternoon walk

The kiddos slept well until we stopped for hot chocolate/coffee/tea.

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februari 13, 2010


Touch my cinnamon bun and I'll cut you.

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februari 11, 2010

Morning glow

Don't let the fact that Max had a meltdown two minutes after this picture was taken detract from the awesomeness of this photo. You can even see his eye color is just starting to turn brown around his pupils.

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februari 10, 2010

Semla and snow snakes

Out at our favorite cafe in the woods. Mr. Max was well behaved and fooled all the other guests into believing he was a quiet baby.


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februari 09, 2010

Let's hope this is just the beginning

Mr. Crabby McCrankypants stayed awake for two whole hours after his feeding this afternoon! (Usually it is an hour max.) And not only that, during those two hours he didn't cry (and by cry I mean scream at the top of his lungs) AT ALL!! (Usually he doesn't go more than like 15 minutes.) And it included a full 5 minutes of tummy time!!! (Usually it is more like 5 seconds.) And he laughed FOR REAL for the first time!!!! He knew he had to do something special today to make up for his behavior overnight, but I didn't expect all this. Thank you, Maximillian.

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Two little monkeys

Max is the one on the left. Notice he has a Y-shaped butt crack--so adorable!

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februari 06, 2010

Rare belly shot

During the first couple of weeks of his life, Maximillian hated being on his back. Now he's changed his mind and can lay on the changing table for 15 minutes sometimes and just stare in amazement at his buzzy-wuzzy-bee. The flip side is that all tummy time shall end in a freak-out after 1 minute.


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februari 05, 2010

Sleeping beauty

Max slept for 7 hours in a row last night. SEVEN HOURS! And then after his feeding he added on another three. Halleluiah!


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februari 03, 2010

My other best friend

Not for the purpose of ignoring the screaming baby, but to prevent hearing loss while trying to calm him a million times a day.

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februari 01, 2010

Mr. Handsome


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