april 30, 2010

Hängde och svängde i en gardin

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april 29, 2010

Chatty McChattenstein

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april 28, 2010

Silly vikings are apparently not so scary

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april 27, 2010


I'm not sure Max knows what to make of her.


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april 25, 2010

The bottle



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april 24, 2010

Single Speed European Championships

While the ash cloud was wandering over Europe, I was riding my way through the Forest of Dean, outside of Gloucester England.


ssec (1).bmp

ssec (2).jpg

ssec (3).jpg

ssec (4).jpg

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april 23, 2010


Max got a visit from Måns today.


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april 22, 2010

Max bitch-slaps the little froggy

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april 21, 2010

Just because


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april 20, 2010

Finally home

Leo arrived safely home after his impromptu northern European road trip. Even after 6 days away and the removal of facial hair, Max recognized his papa.


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april 19, 2010

Stupid Icelandic volcano

For those of you wondering what it is like being under the cloud of volcanic ash, here is a photo I took from our balcony this morning at 7am:


Nothing but blue skies. They say that the ash particles are so far up in the sky that it won't really affect us on the ground, and that they are so small and dispersed that the sun can shine right through. We would never even know there was a problem if it weren't for the small fact that LEO IS STUCK IN ENGLAND. Apparently those teeny-tiny particles are not good for airplanes, so all the airports are closed and have been for several days now. We still do not know when, not to mention how, he will get home. Boo.

In other news: for the very first time last night, Max did not wake up to eat in the middle of the night at all! And in the morning he even woke up happy. Amazing. Hopefully this is a sign of good, complete sleeping nights to come.

UPDATE: Leo, four other grown men and three bikes are piling into a Peugeot and driving home. Hopefully their trip will go smoothly and they'll be safely home by tomorrow night!

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april 17, 2010

Self portrait


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april 16, 2010

Can't get enough


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april 14, 2010

The Walrus and his cub


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april 13, 2010

BBQ and gröt

Gröt (porridge) went over MUCH better than potato, and we had our first grill-out of the season.



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april 12, 2010

No neck


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april 11, 2010

The Viking

I couldn't decide which picture to post, so I'm posting all of them.







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april 10, 2010

Foot Fetish

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april 09, 2010


Look what Max can do now:


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april 08, 2010

Spring at last!


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april 07, 2010

Snow is gone, mud is here.



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april 05, 2010

The great escape

Maximillian is learning to use more and more of his muscles. His latest move is the aggressive arching of the back.

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april 04, 2010

What a grip


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april 03, 2010

Påsk vid Bertilssons Stuga

We took a long walk in the sun and had lunch at Bertilsson's Stuga. They had their påskbrasa (Easter Fire) going to keep the witches away.


bert_stug (1).jpg

bert_stug (2).jpg

bert_stug (3).jpg

bert_stug (4).jpg

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april 02, 2010

Baby's first bite

In honor of turning four months old today, Max tried some potatoes. I'm not so sure he liked it.



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april 01, 2010

Don't know if I like this or not

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