maj 31, 2010

Håll i hästarna


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maj 30, 2010

In honor of Brat Fest

Until he can go in person, Max celebrates Brat Fest from afar by playing with his wiener.




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maj 29, 2010

Out of reach

Maximillian tries to grab the stream of water and put it in his mouth every time we are in the shower. He hasn't really understood the whole solid, liquid, gas state of matter thing yet.

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maj 28, 2010

Please remain seated while eating your cow.

Maximillian decided it was time to try sitting up on his own. It took about three days to go from the first signs that he wasn't just going to flop over as usual to the level you see here.

sit_ubu_sit (7).jpg

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maj 24, 2010

Rör inte min Daimstrut


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maj 23, 2010

Två för en på spårvagn fem


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maj 22, 2010

Silly with shoes on

DSCN0549.jpg DSCN0550.jpg DSCN0552.jpg DSCN0554.jpg DSCN0556.jpg DSCN0557.jpg

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maj 21, 2010


Mr. Maximillian is slowly making his way outside for the season.


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maj 18, 2010

Test Ride

Max is still a little too small for this, but he seemed to like it.


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maj 17, 2010

Max & Moo

She was here a whole week (almost longer due to that stupid volcano!), and all we got was one picture of them together:


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maj 16, 2010

Tofta Herrgård

Gramoo took care of Mr. Max Man for the weekend and we had our first weekend getaway as parents.

tofta (13).jpg

tofta (20).jpg

More Pictures

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maj 13, 2010

The real reason dinosaurs are extinct


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maj 09, 2010

Kossorna, kom kom!

It's that time of the year again; time to let the cows out of the barn.


bete_10 (2).jpg

bete_10 (1).jpg

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maj 08, 2010

Did any of it actually end up IN his mouth?


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maj 07, 2010

Probably sounds better in German

The Swedes import quite a bit of German food products. The latest is called Corny Big. Nice.


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maj 06, 2010

Ja, det var ganska extremt.

My longest bicycle ride yet: 97km, 13 hours. It's called the Happy Extreme Ride and is held every May 1st on the trails around Gothenburg.

34 riders all rev'd up at the start (9am)

Being serious in the woods.

Enjoying the scenery.

18 riders left after 11 hours.

Done, 10pm.

More Pictures Here

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maj 03, 2010


Maximillian loves his hoppy thingy so much that he starts jumping even before he's completely in it. It's part of his daily routine now, so he is officially booked from 5:15 to 5:45 even day. Now we just need to find a way to harness the energy so we can stop paying the electric bill.

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maj 01, 2010

So bright


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