juni 30, 2010

Max and the maypole


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juni 29, 2010

Up up and away!


Update: Gramoo, I can't do much given the resolution of the original photo, but yes, Max was quite happy with being thrown around:

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juni 28, 2010

Love is in the air

Max and Victoria seemed to have a little romance going on over the weekend. Looks like Max has a thing for slightly older women, just like his dad.


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juni 27, 2010

Helt slut

Mr. Max conked out on the way home from Midsummer weekend in the countryside. Lots of pictures coming soon.


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juni 24, 2010

More blueberries please!


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juni 23, 2010

Kungen på sin tron


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juni 21, 2010

So close but yet so far

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juni 20, 2010


A royal afternoon of half rain, half sun with Måns...


...and Ebba. I don't know why Max looks so suspicious.


Thanks Ebba, Mats, and Måns!

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juni 19, 2010

The Royal Wedding

Max watched intently as Swedish Crown Princess Victoria got married today. He's hoping one day they will be his in-laws.


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juni 16, 2010

Sir Curious Smiley McChatty Droolenstein

Max is so different now than he was for the first 3 or 4 months of his life that we thought he could use a new nickname. Although Leo still thinks he looks like an Ernesto.


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juni 15, 2010

Can this really be worth it?!

I thought these kind of scam letters claiming I have a recently deceased, long lost, rich relative (in this case, Thybo Werberg in Spain) were reserved for email, because you can send out kagillions of them for free and just hope someone is gullible enough to respond. But I just got one in the REGULAR mail. How much money does this guy spend on stamps, and does he really get enough money out of people to make it worth it?

Too bad we didn't get this before Max was born--I may have been tempted to name him "Thybo" instead.


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juni 14, 2010

Okej då.

Our neighbor's car early this morning. No, we don't know why. Must have been a private joke.


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juni 12, 2010

Honorary Wisconsinite


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juni 11, 2010

Max's first real injury

Well, unless you count the time mom clipped a little bit of his thumb along with his nail. Apparently mom still has the pregnancy-induced klutziness, as a VERY heavy, hard plastic toy accidentaly fell on Max's head. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Oops. At least there was no bleeding involved.


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juni 10, 2010

Peek-a-boo just never seems to get old

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juni 09, 2010

Favorit leksak

Even with all the 'real' toys he has access to, Maximillian's favorite is still the plastic bottle cover.

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juni 07, 2010

Playing peek-a-boo with Mom

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juni 05, 2010

Too cute

Is this not the craziest butt crack you've ever seen?!


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juni 02, 2010

Ready for summer!


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