juli 31, 2010


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juli 30, 2010

Starting young


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juli 29, 2010

A day at the beach




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juli 28, 2010

Max will soooo get back at us one day for this

Guess what Mr. Max Man is doing...

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juli 27, 2010


Max now eats chunks of bananas, although he still acts a bit unsure about anything with more texture than pureed food. Mums!

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juli 26, 2010

Pingviner i Slottskogen


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juli 25, 2010

Lounging after a bike ride


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juli 24, 2010


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juli 23, 2010

Family (self)portrait


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juli 22, 2010

Graceful Leo

Be sure to watch all the way to the end!

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Happy Long Ride

hlr_10 (2).jpg

hlr_10 (6).jpg

hlr_10 (4).jpg


hlr_10 (1).jpg

hlr_10 (3).jpg

hlr_10 (5).jpg

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juli 21, 2010

Alltid till höger

The food is going to come out of his ear if he keeps this up.

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juli 20, 2010


Maximillian finally finds someone in the house that fully appreciates his very wet kisses.

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juli 19, 2010

Nose eater

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juli 18, 2010


Blueberries? Me? No, no. I haven't eaten any blueberries today. Why do you ask?



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juli 17, 2010

Berry nice fågelbajs

The first handfull of raspberries in our yard was ready for picking today.


The local forest (less than 1km from our house) is full of blueberries, as far as the eye can see.

rbbb10 (1).jpg

Mmmmmmm hastkaka!


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juli 16, 2010

Is this a hat?

shirthat1.jpg shirthat2.jpg

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juli 15, 2010

Värmt i Vättle

vf_july_10 (12).jpg

Click Here for More Pictures

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juli 14, 2010

Får jag berätta en sak?

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juli 13, 2010

Handsome devil

mirror1.jpg mirror2.jpg

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juli 12, 2010



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juli 11, 2010

Gren i ögat

Branch in the eye.


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juli 10, 2010

I should have been a fish

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juli 08, 2010

Drooly teething ring

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juli 07, 2010


Now that Max is pretty good at eating real food, we have yet to find something he doesn't like (although avacado is still questionable). He LOVES fruit, and really enjoyed his first taste of watermelon.





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juli 06, 2010

Lördag på ön

Max rode in a boat for the first time and tried out his lifevest.
He actually hated the boat ride itself, but we managed to get a picture that would make you believe otherwise. He loved being out on the island.

Here is where we spent the afternoon:

So nice!

Max experienced salt water for the first time.

And he even took his afternoon nap on the boat!

Stort tack till Stephan & Lotta för en underbar dag!

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juli 05, 2010

Hot, naked, and sleepy.

A wonderful day on an island in the sea, and all that entails (a boat ride, swimming in salt water for the first time), managed to completely wear out Max for the second weekend in a row. More photos soon.


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juli 04, 2010

And finally the rest of our Midsommar pictures

ms_granna_2010 (9b).jpg
Max Man rides the skrinda.

Click here to see them all

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juli 03, 2010


The sign on Max's t-shirt is what you have to put on the back of your car when learning to drive, except it usually says 'övningskör,' meaning 'student driver.' In this case, it says 'övningsgår', meaning 'student walker.' Max doesn't show much interest in crawling, but he loves to practice walking. Maybe he'll just skip that pesky crawling stage. By the way, is it just me, or does Max have ears just like Stephen Colbert?!

Thanks, Ebba!

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juli 02, 2010

7 Months

Max is now seven months old, and when I weighed him today he was EXACTLY 3x his birth weight: 9,390 grams (20lbs 11ounces). He still doesn't have any teeth, but he sure does like it when I rub his gums.

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juli 01, 2010


Max did not enjoy his very first swim in a Swedish lake, initially.

But then he got used to it and had loads of fun.

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