november 27, 2010

Lots of badgers

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Playing with my cousins

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Brush my hair too please

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november 24, 2010

Just making sure I'm pretty enough to go to Wisconsin

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november 22, 2010


Loving my cozy winter clothes.

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november 21, 2010


We had a family outing to the Bergen County Zoo. Mr. Maximillian does not yet understand that some creatures may pose a threat. He likes snakes and snakes seem to like him.

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november 20, 2010


Some proof that Mr. Maximillian has the ability to occasionally sit still and read his books just like pappa said he should.

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november 19, 2010

Gå försiktigt

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november 18, 2010

When I walk I get so excited that it's hard to...walk.

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november 16, 2010

Pappas hemby

Visiting gramma and grampa in Elmont.


elmont_nov_10 (1).jpg

elmont_nov_10 (2).jpg

elmont_nov_10 (3).jpg

elmont_nov_10 (4).jpg

elmont_nov_10 (5).jpg

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november 15, 2010

Just finishing up my novel

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november 14, 2010

Max's first Brooklyn brunch

Max is conquering the city of New York one borough at a time: The Bronx yesterday, Brooklyn today, Queens tomorrow (all by driving via Manhattan), and word has it that Staten Island has an excellent kid's museum, so that will probably happen in the not too distant future.


bkln_nov_10 (1).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (2).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (3).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (4).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (5).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (6).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (7).jpg

bkln_nov_10 (8).jpg

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november 13, 2010

Saturday in the Bronx

Spending time with Uncle Jon, Aunt Helene and genuine Mexican food.


bronx_2010_nov (1).jpg

bronx_2010_nov (3).jpg

bronx_2010_nov (2).jpg

Can you find the squirel? Max did.

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november 11, 2010

Gunga lite grann

Swinging in Nyack


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november 09, 2010

Flygfrakten har anlänt

Our air freight arrived yesterday. That means our toys are here.


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november 08, 2010

Walking walker (sort of)

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november 07, 2010

Cruising through Home Depot

Mr. Maximillian's wagon is a big hit. Parents stop us and ask where we got it. Kids shout "Look! Look at the baby in the wagon!".

Now that we are soon-to-be home owners, we have a list of things to check out in the home improvement stores. The bathroom needs a new shower head & an exhaust fan, we'd like to replace the front door, and there is the minor job of building a garage/workshop. And while the ground is all dug up, why not bury the utilities and upgrade the electrical service? We'll also need a lawn mower, snow blower, garbage cans, yard tools... I hope we're borrowing enough money.


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november 06, 2010

Det nya huset

We are now under contract! If all goes well we get to move in mid-December.


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november 05, 2010

Max's new wheels

Thanks Gramoo! Max loves riding around in his new Radio Flyer.

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Fun in the bath

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november 03, 2010

Feeling better

Max is still not 100%, but he's well on his way to feeling better.

On the house front: We signed the contract this morning and it is now with the seller's attorney. We might be under contract by the end of this week!

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november 02, 2010


Max liked playing with the dish washer at our place in Göteborg. The fetish continues here in Nanuet.


On the house front: We are meeting with the lawyer tomorrow morning to go through and sign the contract. That means turning over our first hefty check!

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november 01, 2010

Första förkylning

Mr. Maximillian Wendell woke up this morning with his first cold. He's a bit cranky because of it, but still a little sweetie. He and Ali chauffeured me to my first day at work.


On the house front:

The inspection went well. There were some minor remarks, nothing major, no surprises. The inspector & one of my colleages (who has built a few homes) were impressed with the condition of the house and the quality of the renovations. The paperwork has been sent to the lawyer, our interest rate is locked in and we've gotten a quote on home owner's insurance. We are getting closer and closer to a done deal!

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