december 30, 2010


If all the food is gone, why am I still hungry?!

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december 29, 2010

Studying for finals


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december 28, 2010

First American Snow




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december 27, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Leo claims he is still okay having not bought a snow blower, but in this photo it looks like the thought might be crossing his mind.

Max is supervising pappa's work from the warm comfort of his bedroom:

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december 26, 2010


Leo has been busy expanding our shed so that we have enough space to store all the tools he bought in order to expand our shed.

Luckily, he got as far as finishing the roof and a few walls before the blizzard started.







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december 25, 2010

God jul

Christmas brunch at the Werberg World Headquarters in Elmont.


christmas_2010 (1).jpg

christmas_2010 (2).jpg

christmas_2010 (3).jpg

christmas_2010 (4).jpg

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december 24, 2010


Having fun on the kitchen floor.

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december 23, 2010


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december 22, 2010


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december 21, 2010

As if there wasn't reason enough already

The day before closing on our house there was a lot of commotion going on in the apartment above our temporary place. At one point a hot water heater tank was removed, carpets were taken out, lots of random, annoying noise was happening, but it was over with in a few hours--not too bad. Or so I thought.

The next day, we noticed a growing spot on the ceiling:
nanuet stain.jpg
Also, the carpet near that wall was nice and wet. Turned out whatever problem happened upstairs dribbled down to us. So our last days in that paradise included lovely fans and dehumidifiers and men poking holes in the walls:
Thank goodness we pushed so hard for a quick closing so we didn't have to spend a moment longer in that mess!

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december 19, 2010

Sockerbiten på kullen

The sugar cube on the hill


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The fork lift.

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december 18, 2010

Grejerna har anlänt

We got our stuff...all of it. 5 guys were here for 6 hours unloading. We are now swimming in boxes.


move_in_dec_2010 (1).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (5).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (4).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (3).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (6).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (7).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (2).jpg

move_in_dec_2010 (8).jpg

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december 17, 2010

Home improvement #1

We moved in yesterday- the place is a disaster, boxes everywhere, but we really like the house. Mr. Max seems to like it here too, he slept 11 hours straight. Home improvement #1 is complete: gates installed at both ends of the stairs.

baby_gate.jpg baby_gate (1).jpg

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december 16, 2010

Frukost med mormor

Breakfast with gramoo.


gramoo_frukost (1).jpg

gramoo_frukost (2).jpg

gramoo_frukost (3).jpg

gramoo_frukost (4).jpg

gramoo_frukost (5).jpg

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december 15, 2010


Done deal. We're home owners. We did a final walk-through of the house, then spent a few hours at the lawyers signing papers and arguing with the bank.


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december 14, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day- we close on the house. Final walk-through at 8:30, start signing the papers 9:30.

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december 11, 2010

Practicing my fine motor skills

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december 10, 2010

Ska bara sms:a lite

For those of you who think you have the ability to 'just send a quick text' while you're doing something else. This is exactly what you look like:

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december 09, 2010

Open close open close open close

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december 08, 2010


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december 06, 2010

Lördag med min kusin

Saturday with my cousin.

jj_dec_10 (1).JPG

jj_dec_10 (2).JPG

jj_dec_10 (3).JPG

jj_dec_10 (6).JPG

jj_dec_10 (4).JPG

jj_dec_10 (5).JPG


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december 05, 2010


Now that Mr. Maximillian is one year old, he tried ice cream for the first time. He was very suspicious, but seemed to want more.

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december 04, 2010

Elva dagar kvar

We've finally got a date for our closing: Wednesday December 15th, 9:30am. They get the money, we get the keys, everybody is happy.


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Now we're cookin

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december 03, 2010

My beautiful locks

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Out for a walk with my briefcase

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december 02, 2010

A healthy & curious 1 year old boy

More videos from Thanksgiving weekend in Wisconsin

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december 01, 2010

Why did Max sleep all the way home?

Maybe because he ran a marathon in the terminal before our flight home.


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