januari 31, 2011


Two babies+multiple molars erupting=lots of frozen blueberry consumption.


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januari 30, 2011


My wife and my boy both got new hairdos in California.

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januari 29, 2011




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januari 28, 2011

California dreaming

Leo had a last-minute trip to California for work, so Max and I decided to tag along to visit my sister and her family and enjoy the warm weather. We didn't even mind when our flight home got cancelled due to a snow storm, forcing us to stay an extra day. Many more photos to come.


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januari 23, 2011

Popeye forearms


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januari 21, 2011

Spår i snön

We found these tracks in our yard. There must be a lot a critters running around at night.


tracks_jan_10 (1).jpg

tracks_jan_10 (2).jpg

tracks_jan_10 (3).jpg

tracks_jan_10 (4).jpg

tracks_jan_10 (5).jpg

tracks_jan_10 (6).jpg

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januari 17, 2011

Glapp i lagren?

Just checking for play in the bearings.

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januari 16, 2011

Too close for comfort

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januari 15, 2011

A saltbox in the snow

Here is the shed I expanded during the Christmas/New Year week. Paint & trim to be done when the weather warms up a bit. I'm admiring it from the living room window as I nurse my bronchitis.


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januari 13, 2011

Third snow of the season




Pretty, yes. But with a sick husband and sick baby, guess who gets to do the shoveling?!

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januari 11, 2011


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januari 07, 2011

Hänger i mitt rum

Hanging out in my room


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januari 05, 2011


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januari 03, 2011

Ett gäng skojare

Bunch of jokers.

Max with dad and grampa (or as we are teaching him: pappa och farfar).


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Being crazy with my cousin

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januari 02, 2011

Vinter skoj


tappan_dec_2010 (1).JPG

tappan_dec_2010 (2).JPG

tappan_dec_2010 (3).JPG

tappan_dec_2010 (4).JPG

tappan_dec_2010 (5).JPG

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januari 01, 2011

Glidande hink

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