februari 27, 2011

Springa i backe

The boy has been attracted to slopes the last weeks. Our little friend Tim also had this fetish at this age (springa i backe! springa i backe! springa i backe!). Mom had an idea, dad has tools, and there's a Lowe's just a mile from the house. So Mr. Max Man got a ramp/platform to play on.

He ran up and down until his legs gave out, crawled up and down while they recovered, and then starting running again... We finally had to take it out of his room at bed time because he absolutely refused to stop.

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februari 26, 2011

Björnen sover


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februari 23, 2011

Mr. Max in his sunny room


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februari 22, 2011

More snow

With a half foot of new, fluffy snow, how in the world does Max's nose manage to find the tiny patch of exposed pavement?


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februari 21, 2011

Best concert ever

Rockin' out in The Bronx.

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februari 20, 2011

På skaren

We had sub-freezing temperaturea and high winds yesterday, which froze a nice crust on the snow- strong enough to support all of my 185 pounds.

Our local swamp is also frozen solid. It's spoooky.

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februari 19, 2011



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februari 16, 2011


Mr. Max Man got to play with the pipe insulation before it made it down to the basement.


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februari 15, 2011

Blöja o skor

There is no stopping Mr. Maximillian when he is running around in his diaper & shoes.


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februari 13, 2011

Max finds a place where he feels right at home


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februari 12, 2011


With all the colorful children's books around, Max pulls Men Who Made a New Physics off the shelf. Rutherford, Planck, Einstein and Bohr would be so proud.

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februari 11, 2011


Max spent a good 30 minutes moving his shoes back and forth.

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februari 10, 2011


Max thought it was loads of fun to walk on top of the frozen snow...until he slipped and his butt went through with a big CRACK.

DSCN4152.jpg DSCN4153.jpg

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februari 09, 2011



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februari 08, 2011


Max is getting brave. He can go down the slide all by himself.
slide1.JPG slide2.JPG slide3.JPG slide4.JPG


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februari 07, 2011

Push push push push push push push push push!


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februari 06, 2011

Cracking myself up

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februari 04, 2011

More CA

This was basically Max's first experience with sand. He loved playing with it, and didn't even try to eat it very often.



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februari 03, 2011

Min egen pulkabacke

Our driveway turned out to be Mr. Maximillian's own private sled hill. Quite the difference from toasty warm California.


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februari 02, 2011


We must have walked up and down the boardwalk at Hermosa Beach a million times.



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februari 01, 2011

The eyes have it

While in California somebody asked me if Max's eyes were real. Do people, even in southern California, actually put colored contacts in the eyes of their kids or something?!

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