maj 31, 2011

Far, får får får? Nej, får får inte får, får får lamm.

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maj 30, 2011

Läskunniga sköldpaddor

The little man and I have been out for rides every day this weekend on my old Swedish gentleman's bike. We saw lots of interesting stuff, including literate turtles- they crossed exactly where the sign told them to. I found him sleeping the last two times we came home.






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We think he might be a lefty.

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Our garden troll




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maj 29, 2011

Mina grejer

Max is watching Chuggington with his Trabant, cow & milk close at hand.
His world is complete.


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Spring pappa spring!


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maj 28, 2011


Photo 10.jpeg

Max lines up the fleet.

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maj 27, 2011

Det är sommar nu


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Back in the bath

Max had been refusing his bath for the past week or so. It looks like he's getting back in the habit.

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maj 26, 2011

Max and the ladies

Max loved having Gramoo and Aunt Kir around last week.


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maj 25, 2011


asset-Photo 3.jpg

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maj 24, 2011

The King and his castle

asset-Photo 4.jpg

asset-Photo 5.jpg

Photo 7.jpeg

Mr. Max Man now has his own little playground in our side yard. He had the inaugural play date with his cousin Jeremiah.

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maj 20, 2011

His favorite outfit

Obviously we have not been posting as regularly as usual. Some of you know why, and for those that do not, here it is: Max recently had emergency surgery to correct his malrotated intestines (google it). During that surgery, benign cysts were discovered. The largest, the size of a grapefruit, was removed along with 20cm of intestine entangled with it (hence his frequent vomiting episodes, which should now be no more) and his appendix. Analysis of the cysts has led to a devastating diagnosis of lymphangiomatosis (do not google it--it is awful). As of right now, Max has recovered remarkably well from the surgery and is basically back to his old stubborn, silly self. We're trying to stay optimistic about his future and have made a decision not to use this blog as a forum to discuss his medical updates but rather keep on posting our activities as we have been. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support.

Without further ado, here he is in all his post-surgical glory:


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maj 01, 2011

Three generations


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