1938 vs. 2005


1938 is just a guess. It could be 37 or 39. Anyway, after cousin Esther showed us this picture of Dad and his Great-Aunt Dina, we went back to the spot to see what it was like today. Take a look at the shape of the building in the background, the windows, the church tower.

A lot of Minden was not destroyed during the war. Unfortunately, Aunt Dina was. She was one of the people minding her own god damned business who was kidnapped and murdered. Dina was a 70 year old unmarried seamstress of modest means, who just wanted to spend time with her little nephew.

Think about Aunt Dina, and think about the soldier's defenses:
They were just following orders.

Outside the train station in Bielefeld stands a memorial for those whose deportation from Germany began at this station. Aunt Dina, Grampa Leopold, Grandma Bella and all the others are listed here.






Posted by leo at September 25, 2005 10:17 AM