I'm Blue

My first choices for paint color were British Racing Green or Light yellow; but when I looked into it, these were the original colors for a 1960 MGA:

-Iris Blue
-Dove Grey
-Chariot Red
-Alamo Biege
-Old English White

The car was originaly white with a red interior, but I didn't like that combination at all. I chose Iris Blue with a Black interior.

The boy in the bubble. The first step was to turn the garage into a paint booth to keep the dust out. Cheap plastic drop-clothes from Lowes work well for this.


paint (1).JPG
Here the car is fully primed and wet sanded.

And here is the Iris Blue paint. The pictures don't really show the color properly, but it's similar to a sky or baby blue.
paint (3).JPG

paint (4).JPG

paint (5).JPG

paint (6).JPG

paint (7).JPG

After the paint dried, I did some wet sanding to smooth the surface. Ultra-fine sanding sponges take the bit's of dust and other imperfections out.
paint (8).JPG

Posted by leo at March 22, 2006 06:24 AM