Gliding (Our Take-Off)

glider (6).JPG
Big girl or small plane? You decide.

glider (9).JPG
Pushing it onto the runway.

glider (8).JPG
The luxurious cockpit.

glider (10).JPG
Yeah, I guess I'll fit back here. Oh, she needs to get in too? And we need to close the canopy?

glider (11).JPG
Belted in and ready to go.

glider (20).JPG
Snug fit. Don't go with someone you don't get along with.

glider (12).JPG
The tow plane running and in position.

glider (13).JPG
Rope-boy connects us. Is that a clothes line from Kmart?

glider (14).JPG
Ready for take-off.

glider (15).JPG
The rope gets tight.

glider (16).JPG
And we're off.

Posted by leo at June 11, 2006 10:13 PM