Gliding (Views from the Air)

glider (18).JPG
A simple instrument panel. Currently at 8500 feet, 73 MPH and climbing.

glider (19).JPG
Cheet-sheets for the pilot. I hope that doesn't mean it's his first time?

glider (17).JPG
I always end up over the wing. Even when there's only 3 people in the plane.

glider (22).JPG
Ali fights back her nausea enough to force a half-smile.

glider (26).JPG
Boulder Reservoir.

glider (24).JPG
The city of Boulder.

glider (25).JPG
University of Colorado.

glider (21).JPG
Dirt roads in the foothills.

glider (23).JPG
...and the Flat Irons.

Posted by leo at June 12, 2006 09:27 PM