All the turtles hang out on Campus.

Boulder_CO (8).JPG
Looks like these houses were stolen from San Francisco

Boulder_CO (9).JPG
Big-ass tree.

Boulder_CO (16).JPG
Breakfast burritos at the Masa Grill.

Boulder_CO (1).JPG
The rock couch.

Boulder_CO (2).JPG
Diamond-plate art.

Boulder_CO (3).JPG
Old irons on a piece of a piano. Is that art?

Boulder_CO (4).JPG
I aint trailer-trash. I got a herb garden.

Boulder_CO (5).JPG
What's hooppening?

Boulder_CO (6).JPG
Live music at The Catacombs.

Boulder_CO (7).JPG
Apparently, bikers REALLY like coffee.

Boulder_CO (12).JPG
Fresh smoothies at the Boulder Farmer's Market.

Boulder_CO (15).JPG
And scones too. The raspberry white chocolate is fantastic.

Boulder_CO (13).JPG
That's Jamaica Joe's truck...

Boulder_CO (14).JPG
...he sells coffee out of the back of it.

Boulder_CO (10).JPG
This can't be a good business model.

Boulder_CO (11).JPG
Vice versa.

Posted by leo at June 14, 2006 06:52 PM