Pearl Street

n_CO_sun (10).JPG
Can you find the man on the 10 foot unicycle?

k_CO_tue_thur (16).JPG

k_CO_tue_thur (17).JPG
Big-ass boot.

k_CO_tue_thur (19).JPG

k_CO_tue_thur (20).JPG
That wagon doesn't look very wise.

k_CO_tue_thur (45).JPG
The world's largest selection of Crocs.

k_CO_tue_thur (46).JPG
It's rainy but sunny.

k_CO_tue_thur (47).JPG
Yes, this is 2006.

L_CO_fri (62).JPG
The world's most boring job: Boulder Police Department.

L_CO_fri_b (13).JPG
Dinner with a view.

Posted by leo at June 21, 2006 06:12 AM