2004 New York Show @ The Javits Center

Time travel. Who knew I would buy the same bike 3 years later?

Javits_04 (1).JPG
Shoulda bought the red one. It clearly handles much better.

Javits_04 (2).JPG
We even saw paul Jr... And a random guy picking his nose.

Javits_04 (3).JPG
A well prepped CB350 race bike.

Javits_04 (4).JPG
Sweet motor.

Javits_04 (5).JPG
Always a classic, the Triumph Bonneville.

Javits_04 (6).JPG
The super-simple tough as nails Honda XR. 1000 miles flat-out through Mexico and it still looks pretty good.

Javits_04 (7).JPG

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