Repairs & Upgrades

The car feels a bit better with the spun aluminum knob from Moss Motors, a short shifter from Jackson Racing & a wood wheel from Grant (use the adapter for a Mazda 323 & some creativity to get rid of the airbag but keep the horn working.)

mx5_upgrades (1).JPG
Here's the clutch disc after many thousands of not-so-nice miles. Even after all that, it's still worn evenly and the rivets didn't even damage the fly wheel.

mx5_upgrades (2).JPG
Thin, very thin.

mx5_upgrades (3).JPG
The front of the motor is stripped bare to get it's seals, new timing belt, pulleys, water pump, etc...

mx5_upgrades (4).JPG
I'm a believer in Mobil 1 after seeing virtually no sludge develop on this motor (even though I got it pretty warm a few times).

mx5_upgrades (5).jpg
The front end was upgraded to Tein springs, KYB AGX shocks & Flyin Miata sway bars.

mx5_upgrades (6).jpg
Same set-up out back.

mx5_upgrades (7).jpg

Upgrading the front brakes to the ones used on the 1.8 liter cars does a nice job of eliminating brake fade.

mx5_upgrades (8).jpg

Posted by leo at February 11, 2007 10:11 AM