2008 MC Mässan @ Varberg

varberg_monark (6).JPG
A Monark tandem

varberg_monark (7).JPG
An early Monark moped

varberg_monark (11).JPG
A guard made out of string to keep your skirt out of the spokes

varberg_monark (10).JPG
A Monark enduro

varberg_monark (2).JPG
The Benelli 254, a 253cc 12000rpm four cylinder.

varberg_monark (3).JPG
And a more modern Benelli

varberg_monark (4).JPG
Rear shock placement on the Yamaha MT-03

varberg_monark (1).JPG
And a nicely done bobber

Posted by leo at March 15, 2008 04:38 PM