Betessläpp, May 2008

Hundreds of cars putter along the narrow country road on a rainy morning.

beteslapp (1).jpg
The families on the way to the barn.

beteslapp (2).jpg
Oh, free milk & cinnamon buns... that's why it's so popular.

beteslapp (3).jpg
The cows in the barn, where they have been all winter.

beteslapp (4).jpg
Tractor racing for the kids.

beteslapp (5).jpg
Trained dogs doing their tricks.

beteslapp (6).jpg
The sheep are out first, with the sheep-dogs keeping things under control.

beteslapp (7).jpg
Everyone waiting eagerly for the main act.

beteslapp (8).jpg
And here they come...

beteslapp (9).jpg
Some of them had a favorite spot to stop and rub their heads on the ground.

beteslapp (10).jpg
Flying cow.

beteslapp (11).jpg
So that's where milk comes from?

beteslapp (12).jpg
Just cowing around.

beteslapp (13).jpg
I love grass.

beteslapp (14).jpg

Posted by leo at May 2, 2008 02:25 PM