Gotlands Veteranbilmuseum, Vibble Gotland, July 2008

1862 Michaux: The Boneshaker. Made in Paris, found in Småland Sweden in 1975. They claim that this is the worlds oldest preserved factory built bicycle.

vibble (1).jpg
143CC 1901 Lindberg. They claim this is the oldest preserved Swedish motorcycle. Made in Torshälla by Carl August Lindberg.

vibble (4).jpg
Sweden's oldest tractor, or 'motor plow' as they were known at that time.

vibble (3).jpg
Shaft drive bike from circa 1896, possibly from Germany or Austria. Equipped with snow chains.

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Variable up-and-down peddler. Made in Stockholm in 1899 and probably the only example left. Arms connected directly to the rear hub instead of via a crank & chain. Gearing changes automatically based on how hard the pedals are pushed.

vibble (5).jpg
An Auto Union, the predecessor to Audi.

vibble (6).jpg
An Amphicar.

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